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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i fell in love with that civilian

this story happen long...long....long...long...long time ago when i was in my 1st year 2nd sem studying in this big huge UTP (big n huge ke?hihihihi)
i met him in this class that every student in utp has to amek this subject (not gonna mention wat subject) at 1st i saw him i dont have any attention to fall for him cause i have a crush on his friend 1st coz i met his fren 1st....then nak dijadikan crite, dont know how we got in the same grup at the same time i'm one of the head of one of the department for the group project and his fren volunteer wanted to join my department with him but my project head dosent allow him to be in my department coz he has a car so he had to go for the other department that need him the most coz that department need car so that one more rezen that i dont have any idea how i fall for him...talking bout his fren he turns out to be someone that i should be FREN ONLY with coz he is soooo like girl i mean he suke ngompat, shopping (u dont want to go shopping with him its trying i've been there) and the most e like to watch korean japanese drama and movie.. he likes RAIN and this teipe japan guy..
anyway back to HIM... and there it goes i know him just like that as one of my groupmate...
at the time when the project was dijalankan i breakdown and he noticed it.. i dont remember exactly when but its after the project he add me kat gtalk then he ask me things bout wuts up with the sad face in me mase project then we chat but most of the chating moment was a fight between me and him...
then one day i mean one night tu i said to him "penat la gadoh ngan ko ni nak bersyg2 la plak" then he went "ok bleh gak" then we started to call each other ayg and syg which i cant even belive i could ever call someone like that beside my romate..
its berterusan 4 like 1 hour then i tanye die is he single and he say yes his single then i minta friendster die then i find out he already has girlfren but i dont know y i carry on with the syg thing so he is then whenever i saw him in the class my heart beating so fast mcm nak tercabot keluar jer....
then one day kami lunch sesame BUT with his korean japanese fren td and also intan la sapa lagik hihhihi then mlm tu plak me, intan and korean japanese guy (or we call him our "girlfren") ade meeting mahu siapkan montage for the project and he said that me and HIM got something with the way we looked each other that tengahari for me maybe yes but for him i dont realy think so... but still my jantong that time mmg tggu mase nak terkuar dari bdn jer huhuhu
then we decide to go for this dinner then our "girlfren" ajak shoping tp xde kete then die soh ajak HIM but he has other thing to do that day..but we manage to pujuk die then we manage to get intan's sister's car so y kuar aritu 6 org but he kan got something to do that day so its turn out me intan n our girlfren ni jalan sesame and also ajim and ejay.. but i do ride to ipoh with him and it was fun blk utp pon me ride with him and it was fun too hihihihi
oh i forget to tell u about the nite i went out with him dlm ujan carik burger x jumpe then dpt beli meggie jer hihihihi hurm
but........he's someone else's i reliaze that and i dont think that i should kacau rite? so i decide to forget about him but its hard u know i even cried twice because of him
i try as best as i can to buang the felling that i have to him but its turn out that i can delete it permently..i deleted it but the felling masok recycle bin jer hukhukhuk
until today every time i bump into him my jantung still beating fast but not as fast as mase memule dulu la hihi
and my story dosent end like fairy tale a happy ending story but still i'm happy now as he is happy but i dgr die dah single and available wut will happen next?

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