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Monday, November 12, 2007

SeBuaH Cerite Tentang ke"addicted"tan Yg Baru

*gossip girls*

i went to hajar's room the other day then i heard that kak ain lostening to an english song cant belive it cause she's a huge big fan of japan song then i ask her wuts up with the song kak ain then she answered that shes been watching GOSSIP GIRL kat dc++ and she said its a great series then i pon blk bilik trus search 4 it then i found it and i've been watching it since then and i think i'm addicted to it just like gol n gicu and also kami

this gossip girl is about this 2 girl Blair and Serena(they are bestfren)

Serena the 'it" girl at her school missing in action 4 like a year then someone spotted her at the grand centrel and the news was spreding around the town that she's back from wut i watch she's gone coz shes been having sex with her bestfren boyfren (Blair's boyfren Nate) but she didnt come back 4 nate but she come 4 her own good and there where she meet Dan and Jenny

Dan become her boyfren Jenny is Blair wannabe (Jenny is Dan's sister)

Blair is the mean girl who is her boyfren slept with her bestfren and her mother is wellknown designer she'll so anything to let serena down but in the end she just know that serena is her bestfren that she cant loose and they become fren again

More story bout Gossip Girl in the next post chouw for now



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