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Friday, November 23, 2007

u'll never know wat God had plan 4 u

sometimes i'm wondering alone by myself how on earth that i end up studying in utp
logicaly its because one day tu my dad ask me to buy this suratkhabar then i pon beli la then he ask me to open bla2 page(cant remember wat page) then he ask me which program that suit with my qualification then i said business infomation system or the ict program then he ask me to fill in the form in internet in 2 weeks after that i receive a letter from utp that i was selected to join the educamp for interview to get in utp and also 4 petronas scholarship i just went utp with in my mind that i wanted this and i want to fulfill my dad's dream of me entering utp and got the petronas scholar at the same time i was accepted to uitm melaka 4 marketing course i'm not confuse which course will i choose coz in my mind if i dont get utp i alrready had backup that is uitm melaka the educamp and the interview went very2 well i got back home with the news that my friend's mother died because of her stupid jiran simbah lada kat mak die cian die its just because of this stupid boy yg cintanya ditolak oleh my fren ni well obviously my fren x suke coz dat boy hanye jual mee dpn umah die (not being materialistic, but everything needs money nowdays) then mmg x sempat nak jengguk die smpt kol jer nak tau perkare sebenar coz byk giler version of that story fuh my mom was rite people do talk a lot huh after about 2 weeks after the educamp when i was preparing to go uitm melaka then i receive a call from utp saying that i was accepted n GOT THE PETRONAS SCHOLARSHIP!!!! the most happiest person in the world is my dad i'll do anything to make him happy and i'm happy because of this his a happy father then bermule la my life as utpian 1st tu mmg seronok internet 24 hours klas x byk sgt and my frens pon happening giler but as the time goes by i realise that sometimes me terpesong dr my tujuan dtg utp ni byk giler bende yg i'm not supposed to do but degil nk jugak wat and i develop a new hobby dat is SHOPPING bile stress jer shopping ade mase terluang ke scholar br masok ke ape2 mesti shopping x shopping bende2 boleh plak shopping food xpon movie la bowling la ape la sume2 la mmg i now its wrong thats y everytime its come to exam i'll make sure i study betol2 but i'm still trying..............for my readers sorry i x biase pakai nokhtah hehehehehehe...

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