"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Berhenti Berharap

today 25th of February2008 monday
me Endang Harnani Mohd Tahir declare
that i will try my best to forget everything about him
it is the time to berhenti berharap from everything about him
i realise that it will never be he will be a history that were meant to be forget
goodbye "kamoo" hope u live happily ever after with her

listen to cinta antara kita by duta feat baizura kahar
with a happy plus sad mood

1 comment:

iLLy said...

Wah...wah... en, don't be so sad... there'll be other guys..

p.s.: tak sabar nak sebut, "Spotted: E and X having dinner together, in there love in the air??"

u know u love me, xoxo~