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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


sem dpn dah nak intern its start on the 2nd of june
at the begining of this semester i was worried that no company will take me as their intern
i applied to so many company but there was no reply until one good evening i was sleeping at that time when an incoming call from unknown call then he went

that person : boleh cakap dengan cik endang?
me : ya bercakap
that person : haritu ade send application tuk intern kat pcsb sabah kan?
me : ya...
that person : eeemmm mcm mane nak ckp ek? emm kami terima la kamu ni intern dgn kami
me : really?
that person : yes. in ur application u start on the 2nd of june kan?
me : yes
that person : ok then u'll be reporting to me on the 2nd of june then, i'll be waiting for you
me : ok2 thank you so much
that person : no problem

waaa finally dpt company for my internship
but tetibe intan said my name is in the replacement list for PDB klcc
ok replacement jer x kisah la
then i bukak latest palcement kat siip then i saw my name with two option
oh GOD what am i gonna do!!

i hate when its come to choises
i wanna go both
but i have to pilih satu jer

macam mane ni????

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