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Saturday, December 27, 2008

a little update

A little update here in my tiny little blog
check out my roomie's blog its interesting, full of pictures the way she liked it and check out this cool blog about revealing ur own secret and post it with a poscard with sender's address or name its cool and do check out all the links in my peeps column they are very cool people u know~~!!

Last week was a blast!!! my cuzeyss were here Nadieya and Arief celebrating their freedom from SPM and STPM and Cicam just here for the visit.. I picked them from the bus station on Sunday with him then we send them to Ibu's house then have lunch togather with them.. that nite we picked them again then went to One Borne..Cicam and Arief have their fun running here and there as my bf said "napa dorg ni mcm br kuar umah?" hehe taking pictures [i forget my extension wire at home will be uploading the pictures later k] Arief and Cicam bond very well with my bf they even have a name for the relationship so called "bakal-cuzey-ipar-yg-plg-cool-sekali" hahaha me and Nadieya have our own thing talking about our beloved BF and hows life after STPM she seems to have her fun thing going on.. too bad elly couldn't come~~!! then on the saturday we went out for shoping with the family as Arief's family coming over and Kak Nie's family together with nenek and mkck Enie's family we had our fun together in the BUBU World One Borneo fun...fun..fun.. [as i said b4 i left my fon extension wire at home as my laptop takde bluetooth so pictures come later k]
Other than that, everything went smoothly this few weeks as my internship going to be over very soon so i'm getting ready for more books and of coz lecture notes and not to forget the quizez and also cik exam remember her? hahaha and also encik test and also [OMG so many and also la] i'm preparing myself to be far from him this long distance relationship thing is killing softly la i hate long distance relationship ooo did i mention i hate long distance relationship? ok i better stop before i repeating the same sentences will update the pictures soon k gtg~~!!
did i mention i already got my licence? yerp finaly i got it
i HATE long distence relationship!!!!!


Anonymous said...

kau ni da ar tak lawa, cakap macam diri tu lawa. sedo2 la diri wak.

thepinklover said...


thepinklover said...

sorry if my blog makes u think that i puji diri sendri.. but FYI, i like being myself lawa ka tak lawa ka same jer yg penting ada mata idong mulut telinga dan ada hati so what ever~~!!!

Anonymous said...

sye tak kate blogger kau ni buat kau rasa kau lawa cuma in reality you really makes me annoying. tutamenye perangai kau. jelek ssgt

thepinklover said...

who ever u are, if i kacau ur hidup i'm sorry so dont kacau mine if my perangai annoys u so get away from me if i know who u r then i will get away from u k deal?

Hajar said...

ni...ape kutuk2 blog org nih???
tade keje ke? pegi la buat blog sendiri kalo nak kutuk org.

~ Endang, kte ase dak ni dengki dgn endang la...mebi die lagi xlawa. tu yg die saket ati sgt tuh.~

kazunarIntan said...

pesal dgn si Anonymous tu??
saket jiwa ke saket mental ke ape??
tetibe je kutuk mengutuk ni..
will u plz mind ur own business??
bia r die nk perasan ke xde perasaan ke..ko kisah pe?? ikot suke ati mak bapak die r..

cintaKAYANGAN said...

astagafirulalazim.. Ne br la mengutuk! Cua u s0wh face t0 face bha endang. Brani kali ah.. Mati la bha. Mau kutuk2 pun cua la yg panas sikit. Mau kena sesi mengutuk, pegi bha cik-kayangan.bl0gsp0t.c0m. Haha. Kan endang? Mau trip tp an0nym0us. Tar0k nama bha. Astaga..

Illy said...

adui.... cik anon. chill out la.. if you don't like her pun.. have the guts to put your name. baru cool. setakat pakai anonymous. baaaah~ itu kerja coward.