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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

aktiviti weekend

Last friday went to Kulim. it was a blast. nana pick me up from utp.arrive at Kulim at 6 something. we went pick up hery on the way then straight went to JJ perda. that JJ is so much diff from JJ Ipoh. its huge and u can sesat looking where on JJ u put ur car. Hery want to watch dragon ball but we want to watch sayang u can dance. we standing in front of the movie for like 10 minutes and then we decided to watch dragon ball. it was ok la. there will definitely a sequel.me and nana arrive home at 11 something then went to sleep straight away.


Next day we went to Queensbay Mall in penang [ehem..first time ok dtg penang] nothing much to talk about coz its like a midvalley which locate in penang. after that we went to the bay beside the mall. it was tenang. me and nana having not so secret open talk as hery was there too so not much can we talk about.Cendawan_299Cendawan_300Cendawan_304

Sunday..eeemmm wake up not so very late. then went to butterworth to pick up fikri and paan. nana’s frens. they are so sengal. first time jumpe dah mcm kenal lama. i cant believe they study in MAKTAB PERGURUAN. like nana said they are cekgu sengal. then went to JJ perda again as the cekgu are very hungry. after “makan petang” [kata fikri] went to movie and again this time we stand there for like 15 minutes deciding which movie should we watch. then they decided to watch the international. it was damn boring. i almost fell asleep in the movie. cant understand the ending. then went home early that nite then went to sleep straight away coz i got migrain and all that.

Monday, nana went to work and ask for me, guling2 atas katil sambil tgk smallville sezen 8 huhu then at 1230 nana oick me up and send me to butterworth bus station and i take 2 pm bus to ipoh. then arrive in ipoh at 5 something.while waiting for cikin and hajar i went to mcD and makan fries then they arrive we for makan petang at JJ then went back to UTP at 9 something then sampai2 jer tak wat pa pon terus terbungkang tito~


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nana41 said...

huh antra dragoon ball dgn the international i would prefer the international,,lg best more action,,more live,,drogoon ball cam tgk kartun ja pon,,bek tgk katun ja,,huh!!

Illy said...

finally dapat jugak download live writer

thepinklover said...

yang-true tp tetap tak paham ceta the international tu maybe sebab i tak concentrate kot hahe

illy-yerp finally~