"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Friday, September 4, 2009


everything seems so far away from me rite now..
its hurt so bad that i bled myself
i think i can survive this advanture but i'm wrong
i can't..i just can't..
there are time i just can run away from u far away..but look wut u did?
u come back to me..
u were there when the time i think i can just simply forget about u
u were there when i said "its over..i'm done.." u said "its not over between us..i wanted to be with u all the time"
u were there when i give up all the hopes being with u by saying "plis dont give up on us.."
things change..
u said u will never leave me all alone in the dark just like wut he did to me..
but look wut have u done to me..ur leaving in the most dark place in the whole wide world..
i thought i'm stronger than i think..but i'm wrong..i'm not strong enuf to do this..
yes i have all the frens that i need..but they dont understand what we've been thru..they did gives me strenght to carry on..hating u..loving me..but did they know wut realy happen?
i just can't..
so plis..if u realy wanted me to carry on with my life..do let me go..
i could get kill by the bleeding i'm having now..


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