"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Friday, December 17, 2010


hahaha..ini adalah the latest favorite song.lagu yang agak fun dan best.wehehe.
saya dah giler kpop.lalalala~

Miss A - Breath

Oh! by SNSD

Magic by Secret

I'll be Back by 2PM

No.1 by 2AM

..ur number 1 theres no number 2..
..missing everyone..


Ili Aqilah said...

i love miss a -breathe.
but didnt like their first single though.

..pelangimerahjambu.. said...

me too~
first single mcm dull sgt.tak best.
breath dah jadi my ringtone.

Ili Aqilah said...

u shud listen to Shinee: Hello or Super Junior: No Other.
you gonna keep on smiling all day long!!

kalau mau lovey lovey
u should try
4men Baby Baby

..pelangimerahjambu.. said...

i do listen to both~
mmg best..
love light by cn blue pon best~~!!