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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Two: 10 Things I Love

how can i list down 10? i have so many things that i love~!!
nevermind..i'll try ok..

  1. i loooooooooveeeeeeee shoooooeeess..!! i can spend the whole day in Vincci just to find the perfect shoe and end up buying more than 2 or even 3 pair. and end up wearing only one until rosak.i have so many shoes that i forgot where i put some of them.ooohh..i even give names to them and paste the name outside the box so that i know which shoe inside the box.and i even forgot that i own the shoe.once..i bought the same shoe just becoz i forgot that i already bought it..ok ini mcm obses..!sighh..~
  2. i love facebook! haha! i dont even know y..please dont ask and i wont explain..coz i dont even know y i love facebook so much.lalalala~~
  3. i love to sit in front of my laptop the whole day browsing thru internet.eh..jup..ini love laptop ke love internet?? alamak..ok2..ini love internet la..! there is so byk things u can find in the internet.useful and not so useful jugak.haha...! beware..! i'm a blog stalker.muahahaha!!! jaga la kamu sana! hahahaha..!!! <-- the most kejam laugh!!
  4. i love my mum's cooking..! nasi kuning dia..perrrhh!! toorrbaekk..!! nwayy..wutever that my mom masak sedap..even she masak only telur goreng pon very sedap.
  5. i love when my dad said "my lovely daughter, r u ok??? wuts up with your facebook status??" even its like creepy and mcm ur dad stalk ur fb..but i like it! so that u dont have to lie to ur parents about ur activity and gain their trust to u.coz they said the older u are the more trust u need to gain from them..so people!! do add your parents on facebook ok!!
  6. i love my bed..my pillow..my mr froggy..!
  7. i love k-pop! male and female grup! some people love kpop coz of the handsome ketul2 male grup.but for me..i love kpop coz of the songs.when i listen to the songs, and i think mcm best,then i dengar la and i will search the video with translation so that i can understand.~
  8. i love interior design..maybe becoz i love to like susun2 my room...tukar katil this way..that way..then decorate my room colorful..and so on..ntah.. i love it!!
  9. i love to read! ok fine..i love to read malay love story novel.i can even cried while reading it.! ok titik! do judge..but i still love it!! but i do love to read self-motivation books oso..!
  10. last but most important!! I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRENSSS!!! my dad's side and my mom's side..both are very big family..! frens from school..uni..gems..and oso mbsb.. i think they gave me the most strongest bone for me to carry on in my life.~ without them who am i!! ceh..hehehe~~

yer..saya gemok! so??

next apa ek??
10 things you hate.emm~~
dayang dear..i post more in the future k.haha~!!


mimie kamisah said...

aku rase aku ada kot yang no.10.. harap2 la... hehehhehe :)

..pelangimerahjambu.. said...

yes dear..! u do have it..!!
xoxo!! i laf u!!

Nana Miyuki said...


..pelangimerahjambu.. said...

yang .. hahaha!! ntah..lalalala~~
moti komen pakai hurup besau??