"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

sick n tired

i'm so sick n tired of people who is soooooooo hipokrit and so damn SELFISH in their own life wut u gonna do with ur life huh? stay the same till the day u die its toooooo late to noe dat u are just a piece of crap but u still have to noe dat so the next tyme u see me u'll think twice to do the same thing to me again n u wont even angkat ur head to tgk my eyes i'm telling u wont even dare..have u ever feel when someone says i love u ma fren but at the same tyme she's being so bitchy behind u talking crap to make ur life damn misrable? i've been there its such a crap when people like this still alive so people who are like this, take this note to ursevles "bitchy get a life of ur own dont mess up with other's u wont get anything!!"

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