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Saturday, October 27, 2007

SeBuaH Cerite Tentang ke"addicted"tan

*GoL N GiNCu*
i've been addicted to gol n gincu since the movie was release..i've been following the series since sezen 1 until sezen 2.. it is one of my favorite tv show i've learn a lot from this tv series i learn many things salah satu nyer u love who you love...trust ur partner is the most important thing..jelousy will not make ur relationship better thats y u need trust ur partner..and the most important to just accept whoever are meant for you...well i mean accept ur partner whoever or whatever he or she is and also whereever ur partner come from.. i also learn age is just a number..there is nothing as its to late to fall in love or its not to early to fall in love (hehehe i hope you guys understand wut i mean here hihihihihi)

sezen 2 ends up with the most best happy ending!!!


and now i'm addicted to this series *kami*.. about how friendship can change people dat much.. and how friendship has a huge influence in everything we do..tgk ceta ni teringat when i was in form 1 to in the middle of form 3..mmg mcm org giler..smpai balai jugak la me ni dulu.. BUT..NOT because of i got cought but to report for this fight that me and my frens in to and this guy outside the school and our displin teacher pakse us to report him to the police huhuhu but like Ali said in this drama "people make mistake and somtimes they keep on making mistake".. like this drama so much la...

*this drama blom abis lagik baru sampai ep 8*

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