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Friday, October 26, 2007

FLy.fm Problem Solver

i was listening to fly.fm this morning where theres a section where listerner got to email them their problem and fly.fm will help them to solve it..

this morning problem is this guy name Hafiz was adore by 2 girls Syanaz (cant remember her name) and Melissa

and fly.fm call both of the girl the conversation goes something like this:

melissa : hye

syanaz : hye

something2 i cant remember how the conversation sounds like but its about syanaz bring hafiz to this party and

melissa : "so you can show of hafiz to ur fren la?"

syanaz : no lah theres nothing to be show about him

dj : so if you girls can rate hafiz 1 to 10?

syanaz : 6

melissa: what?

(the moment she say "what?" i thought that she will rate hafiz higher)but..

melissa : 5 and a half

dj: you 2 are in love with hafiz but rate him just and 5 and a half? u should rate him 10 la

syanaz : i will not use the word "love" coz its not the rite word..

and suddenly from no where hafiz was on the line jeng...jeng...jeng...

hafiz: 6 and 5 and a half? you girls ni lah hohohohoho

syanaz the party thing was quite ok it was fun

melissa eeemmmm wut do have to offer for me?

melissa : hahahahahahahaha well i'm fully booked till november you have to wait untill that

hafiz : not even one day?

all laugh hahahahahahaha....

dj: well hafiz you should decide its you life ok?

one more problem solve today

suddenly a girl call and went

"hafiz if you hear this you dont deserve both of the girl coz if i was in the cat fight i will say 1 out of 10? you desereve 20 hahahahahahaha"

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