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Friday, February 22, 2008


talking about everything that been happen around me there are sooo many problem around that people just cant run from and y do problem keep hounting people like problem already obses to human being no matter wut problem u facing ive heard soo many many problem lately love conflict self conflict family conflict and the most study problem
love conflict? eemmm let me start with myself its been nak masok week 6 but i havent meet him yet its so sakit to lalu that place hoping i will see his face but nothing and more sakit when other people who dont want to see him dpt jumpe him almost everyday i miss him and its hurt so badly rite now ok enuf bout myself people around me plak pon ade love conflict in them emm theres one she is "E"(mmg name sebenar) had this guy name "A"(mmg name sebenar) who realy loves her and everyone seems to know their relationship is not just a "bestfren" thing and the conflict is she been chating with this boy name "D" (mmg name sebenar") and she fall for him and this boy i think fall for her gak but u know ego tooo tggi when i ask her about her feelings she said "aku syg "A" tp ati aku kat "D" nak wat mcm mane?" so she made this perumpamaan nak mkn mcD="A" ke nak makan tomyam="D" huhuhu conflict bebenor problem ni theres one more story bout this girl name "P"(mmg name sebenar) her problem plak her x "W"(mmg name sebenar) hounting her back he even have done something that he shouldnt do plus "P" already has a boyfren so as "W" but "P" n her boyfren mmg dah retak pon like org2 tua ckp retak mengunggu belah jer n finaly on a fine nite for us be not so fine nite to "P" when she brokeup with her boyfren and a week or two week (ntah la x pasti the duration time) "W" also breakup with her gf their relationship also same as "P" relationship wut a kebetulan huh then "W" ni suke sgt bg ayt2 kejam kat "P" tp "P" dosent give up she want him and he want her too but paham2 sendiri la "P" kalu dpt msg semangat jer the conflict is "W" mcm nak xnak jer from my point of viewla coz he seems like x serius ke die malu nk luahkan perasaan die ntah la wut do u think "P"? conflict len to be continued............

listen to menjaga hati with happy mood :)

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