"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dedicated to my Ex (even though i know he wouldn't read this)
p/s: I'm totally over him, its just something that i write for him mase econs last Monday after a dream about him last week

I dream of you last night
Holding hands together
Walking down a bright with colorful light street
We giggle while hugging each other
A soft hot kiss landed on my forehead
Showing how much you love me

Then suddenly you disappear
Gone with the light
Leaving me alone in a dark room
All alone sitting I wondered
Why your love doesn't last long forever?
Tears drop....

You are my first love
You gives me my first kiss
Thanks for the love you've given me
The comfort of you shoulder
The fun that we had
I appreciate it all
Thanks 4 Everything

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