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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i know i suppose to do my ikm portfolio but i've been kekeringan idea right now so lets share what been happening this lately..

11 april 2008
International Culture Night (ICN)
i went with nana, p'nut, intan, ejay, and also ajim. jumpe illy, rez, lyn, and don mase nk masok dlm chancellor hall. Don nmpk sgt smart with those sut.. cute giler..(ooppss terpuji lebih2 la plak)
that nite i saw many kinds of dancing from all over the country such as indonesia, thailand, vietnam, and so on.. it was fun coz got to learn other country culture in dancing. best la jugak.. congrats to all yg menjayakan ICN..

12 april 2008
wuuhuu and Rantai

i went there with pinat, eija, attu and anas.
pegi sebab nk tgk Hujan perform.. mase sampai dah dkt kol 2 masih xde pape then g tgk exhibition Rantai and tgk2 design baju mmg cun2 belake design2 bj sume..
skali dgr ceta Hujan perform mlm la plak xpe dah alang dtg tggu jer la ahli berkurang, pinat and anas decided nk blk tggl me, attu and eija plus ct and timah..tggu punya tggu lame nyer dlm kol 11 br la Hujan perform tp berbaloi giler tunggu Noh Salleh sgt la ensem plus his voice fabulous giler he can sing live tp ade lupe2 lirik la hihihi

kesimpulan last week was a blast!!!!

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