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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


beli paper as usual..
bukak paper tu page by page then a poster capture me then i went "ABU!!"
eiyh? ceta baru.. ghost? mcm sonok jer.. bukak dc++ search ghost..jumpe.. tgk satu episod..x abis coz kene g klas..blk klas plak kene g kl teman aja g interview..so tertahan from tgk ..but..
yang: malay series yg 1st i tgk trus jatuh cinte ngan ceta die best giler yang..
for ur info my romate xtgk sgt ceta melayu..
then went to kl until saturday..
from kl to utp sampai at 7 something..mandi2 mayang then trus g FESCO plak.. blk FESCO br start blk tgk ep 1 yg x abis.. betul kate yang ceta ni best.. its recommended to watch.. if u a fan of Each Other and Table 4 Two u'll find they using the same house so sweet giler..
i wont give u the sipnosis u have to watch it by urself..
suspen..sweet..lots of pengajaran inside..


Cheryl Samad

Nazrudin Rahman

Carmen Soo


Razif Hashim

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Anonymous said...

citer ape neh???tak pernah dengar pon...