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..and i will be ur secretary..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

new people~

check this two blog i just add
one is my lovely sister the lovely kak salma the blog is about her little shop
she selling her stuff out as she just wore them like once and she dosent want anymore coz dia x pakai sudah butttttt ada jugak stuff yg she blom pakai weee
and the other blog is, i met her from my departmentmate, her name is Tasya
her blog just like my blog about our own life and how we deal with it
she is so cool sweet and i do like the way she talk so cute and she called her bf gendut mmg la so cute and if you want to know her more pegi la her blog click in her name or cari cikcintakayangan in mypeople list link


Anonymous said...

hahaha! thanks!!! i miss my gendut! wooops!

salma_allieyna said...

tq darl.....muahhhh