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Saturday, August 2, 2008

siting besides someone called nick

updating this post at my fren komp since i dont have internet in my laptop then i have to update the blog here in anne's komputer in the ofis
i know its saturday but who cares...
besides me is nick tgh sebok2 cari document yg ntah pape yg i pon dont understand his work and i dont care bout him but he is so bising right now talking2 membebel2 yg ntah pape hahahaha
kidding nick jgn marah nnt GG xnak kat u hehehehehe

nway since all the UTPians blogger has talk about it then i want to share my point of view

agree with adeknurul if u want to do it USE PROTECTION la!!!
zaman skang ni people dont realy care about sex life other people kecuali u are very tradisional then u do care or even dont want to make frens with pople who already done it but for me its their choice u dont paksa them to do it even people who are force to do it pon i dont care being frens with them for me take advantage from what happen and be careful next time u in the same situation. and agree with illy BERANI PANCUT BERANI TANGGUNG LA!! as a guy u have to be brave and responsible in everything u do u pancut u la tanggungjawab if u dont really know how to tanggungjawab or not ready with the responsible then dont pancut la
and agree with shira, u dont blame the girl by herself maybe she not matured enough to think at the time but the guy pon maybe not that matured (but i heard the guy foreigner) huhu x matured or he wanna have fun with the girl i dont knowla ikot suke korg la

this things happen in many places its just to shame its also happen here in utp
dah xleh proud yg this cases never happen in utp happen pon they got married and got pregnant
ape2 jer la yg ptg korg happy biarla~~~

keluar tajok kejap
nick semangat giler pasal GG aku pon xtaw nape tp kalu sebot jer nama GG mmg terus semangat giler sampai kalu boleh die terjun bgnan untuk GG pon aku rase die sanggup buat~~
eiyh semangat betol die ni adui~~~

posted on saturday
02nd August 2008
mood tgh bengang ngan org sebelah sebab dia bising2

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