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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Been into the cinema three time sepanjang intern

movie 1 : Sepi
rate : 4 stars
own review : everything gonna be fine if u belive in destiny no matter how far u run or went away, but if u destiny to be with that someone in the end of the day that person gonna be the 1st person in this world u gonna find and learn how to let go things evrything that had been done let it be let go the past grab the futute dont take things for granted appriciates things that in front of u dont give it up just like that, tu la msg movie ni and the msg sampai la to me la i dont know other people

movie 2 : i'm not single
rate : 2....oklah 3 and half la....emm
own review : tipical malay movie kene kawen pakse,gaduh2 si isteri went out with her bf, si suami do some pengorbanan then the wife menyesal dan jatuh cinta dgn si husband, then the bf found someelse eeemmm tu jer la...but there is part that i think its berani la for malay movie.. and my favorite part about this movie is the ending and the way lisa surihani mengigau comel gilerrrr

movie 3 : susuk
rate : 3 and halfla..
own review : dont wear susuk or else u'll turn into big huge ugly chicken who craving for human heart and flesh eeeuuuwwww and u might lost ur frens and family~~

lepas ni nak tgk the mummy plak dgn persatuan dak2 praktikal PCSB SBO~~
pictures will be uploaded soon~~

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Anonymous said...

hohohoho endang dearie...do u miss me?i miss u sooo much...