"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

playing with ur names

..mcm biasa la main2 facebook..pastu nmpk sesuatu yang sgt menarik..
mesti la nak cuba try test..haha..
its playing with your name..
i enter of coz my name and the result is..

Here is the result

E - has gorgeous eyes

N - is a very good kisser too!

D - a very good girlfriend or boyfriend anyone ever had

A - crazy

N - is a very good kisser too!

G - very outgoing

bukan pasal ni jer aku nak post kali ni..mcm2 aku nak cite ni..
aku saket hati ngan perbuatan tu..yerp wutever it is..
sgt saket hati..mulai skang aku dah taknak peduli..ape sajer pasal itu..
its been 2 weeks since i'm being single..its been great..we become good frens..still saying gud morning in the morning and still saying gud nite before sleeping..its a habit so it takes time to get rid of it..its not only from my side..its also him..he still call me the way he call me before..for me i called him by another name..he said its hard and its hard for me too..if you remember i given a poem to my first xbf..and this one for my second xbf..

we laugh and cry together
you know how much i love u
and i know how much u love me
i gave u my everything
u gave me ur everything
i want u to know how much i adore u
coz u keep me form falling apart
faith fall us apart
i'm gonna smile all the way
coz i know i deserve to be happy
i will get better in time
and i hope you too

-happy 11th month anny sayang [as if]-


Hajar said...

-Kami sentiasa ade utk endang-

thepinklover said...

tema kasih aja!!