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..and i will be ur secretary..

Friday, May 28, 2010


buat layout baru sebab Intan buat layout baru dan jugak bosan dengan layout lama,
placement? ok2 lah..its a small office with few people inside.and have to deal with customer every single day.oo..every single minutes la.haha.the most kesian part is when we have to call the customer and told them that their loan being rejected.huhu.there are 4 of us.Viran, Ita, Darlene and me.Darlene not from GEMS.shes from UITM.ehe.

bilik sewa? pon oklah.i'm happy alone.even thou bosan sket2.tp its more comfortable to be alone.
the kakak, is ok.dia selalu takda kat umah so its fine with me. :)

td from beverly hills i naik bus and went to center point..i bought:
  1. laptop skin
  2. glitter for my broadband and the rest i lekat kat laptop..
  3. headband..2 headbands.
  4. beg from FOS
  5. eat SUSHI KING!! <--- plg best!!
  6. and few stuff.
then nak ke stesen bus hujan plakk..then pusing2 lagk and found the thing that i want then beli payung for the hujan,tetibe hujan dah berenti plak.ngeehh..huhu..dan sampai di umah..mamam mcD yang di tapau.itu saja untuk hari ini.

-since mmg takde keje kalau malam, saya mungkin update blog setiap hari-
.mungkin jer ek.
.saya rindu all the bugliens.


Malissa Maryam Kadir said...

miss u too endangi! i still wonder how did u manage to change the layout..

thepinklover said...

i will let u know the secret on facebook..ehe..