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Monday, July 5, 2010

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the office.ehe.wut am i doin here in the office at this hour?
my ride aka mr Viran had to hantar Ita blk umah coz she had to balik kampung coz her dad sick.
so i had to follow kak Rahma and Mas to hantar me blk umah.oho.emm.
to be continue..
sampai umah nnt saya sambung ok bebeh..aduh i miss ur text oredy.adush~

posted from home,
monday blues with mata yang bengkak bagai nak terkeluar biji mata and i was asked the same question over and over again.do i had to answer them? i hate to say that i'm done with him coz i dont want it to be this way~

enough said about it.i hope he is happy with whoever he with.and with my bless i hope u will be happy ever after..

adushh..beside all the sad news i received yesterday..i received a very good news today.and i hope it will come true..and plis do come true.~i really hope so..thanks baba coz being there for me at the time that i needed someone so much.love u baba.!!

.i need to stop dreaming coz every dream i dream i dreamed of you.


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