"u ar the president of my heart,~"

..and i will be ur secretary..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

saya tak tau kalau-kalau dah pernah post pasal ni sebelum ni tapi nak post jer la..

hambek kau ..punya panjang berjela tajuk post sebab post ni pon maybe panjang jugak.
tak mau cite byk ko bace jer la.hahaha..

1. Beer: will make u feel the worst the next day.haha.

2. Food: ialah makanan..

3. Relationships: hard to explain la..

4. Crush: Jabatan Pelajaran.ehe.

5. Power Rangers: ilusi kanak-kanak..

6. Life: live it like ur dying tomorrow..

7. The President: 1 malaysia..menjana tranformasi

8. Yummy: sushi king.mcD.dan yang sewaktu dengannya..ehe..

9. Car: that can teleport.

10. Movie: happy ending

11. Halloween: an excuse for everyone to wear wutever they want without parental guidance.

12. Sex: female..haha..

13. Religion: Muslim

14. Hate: no one.

15. Fear: ALLAH SWT.. and when u withdraw the atm said "u have no money at all to with draw.thank u."

16. Marriage: forever..

17. Blondes: brooke mcqueen

18. Slippers: vincci

19. Shoes: ... should i say i dont own one..ehehe.

20. Asians: truly malaysia..

21. Pass time: facebooking..blogging..

22. One night stand: use protection~! or it might last long..

23. My cell Phone: is my everything

24. Smoke: make u feel good and kill u at the same time.

25. Fantasy: while sleeping

26. College: UTP?

27. High school Life: full of gud time

28. Pajamas: nothing but ur tshirt on...

29. Stars: are so cantek..

30. Center: of attention

31. Alcohol: hurrmm

32. The word love: is to share everything that needed to share la.....

33. Friends: are forever..!!

34. Money: can change people within a second.

35. Heartache: muntah..

36. Time: is running out..

37. Divorce: hopefully noo.

38. Dogs: ...

39. Undies: refer to no 28

40. Parents: love them and yes hard to deal with

41. Babies: daniel nashrique and daniel naqiuesha..

42. Ex: all become my frens

43. Song: sleeping with a broken heart..

44. Color: red and pink and white..and black.

45. Weddings: garden weddings.

46. Pizza: with extra cheese pliss..

47. Hangout: 1b.

48. Rest: sleeping

49. Goal: to have a job ...

50. Inspiration: Nabi Muhammad SAW

kan dah kate panjang berjela..penat aku taip ni..hahaha..padahal copy paste jer pon..haha..

..did i tell u i met kirby?..
but still i miss u..

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