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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

..darlene sona dan en pembaca rahsia suruh saya update blog..

mmg dah lama tak update kan?

bz kot.hahaha.tipu jer mana ada bz.

emosi langsung tak stabil.kekadang nak marah..nak nangis..kekadang tu rasa mcm nak ketawa jer.apakah?

adeyh..rasanya seperti ingin terbang ke langit pastu tak mau buat apa2..tgk jer org2 kat bawah tu diaorg buat per.tp mana boleh.hahaha.angan2 yang tak munasabah..

i've seen and met so many people thru my life.but i never met this 2 most amazing people in my life.with them, i feel so free and feel so like me.i dont even know why but i can just laugh like an idiot with them coz they dont judge like other people.i can be who i am with them.and with them i learn so many things in life.well not all from them la but it was from the stories that they tell me and i learn that there is no such thing as quick and fast in life.if u want something u have to earn it and work for it. who are this 2 people? yesss...my babies..Darlene Sona and Razitah!!
what i learned from them:
choices come and go in our life.for better or worst u have to make the choice.and making sure the choice that u made is the rite one is so hard that u could kill urselve.but who cares.its ur choice and if u happy about it then its fine.maybe the choice u made, questions by the others but if they want u to be happy with it they shpuld be the one yang understand y u made that choice.
the other thing that i learned from them was when u loved someone with all ur heart it doesnt mean that they will be urs forever.deal with it!!
hahaha!! i'm gonna miss u guys babies~!!!!!!!!!
i didnt just learn from them i did learn a lot from the others here in MBSB.. i learn that people can change in a second..people can be enemies even though they had become fren for a very long time..and learn how to mind ur own business.! ehe.thanks to Kak Rahma..Kak Atie..Kak Farrah..Emelda..Mas..Raymond..Zailih..Abdillah..Nelson..dan semuanyaa!! i'm gonna miss all of them if i dont have rezeki here in MBSB..

..i miss u more..


Anonymous said...

tau xpe, baru nak update.
esok update lg.
nnt sy komen.

Anonymous said...

elo... org sabah, menyepi nampak.

mane pegi? busy ke?

or nak prepare kawin? muahaha