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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Six: 10 Items you can't live without

day six!!!
ten things i cant live without~!

  1. Money!
  2. Laptop with internet connection.!
  3. Food and water!
  4. Nico!!!
  5. my handfon.! (it wakes me up every morning!)
  6. music.
  7. facebook..youtube..blogging..easy to say..INTERNET!
  8. tv with astro!
  9. ..the forgotten Kirby!
  10. .mirror.heee~!!.

items kan..so it doesn't include people kan.
ehe..coz i cant live without my parents..family..and frens.!

ok.. i got to many frens that i cant choose which pic i should upload here.!
i laf u all..erkk?? tetibe..!

1 comment:

Nana Miyuki said...

wah2 dah masuk 40malam dah still xhabis 10things u yang..hahaha