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Thursday, August 4, 2011

hello world..

hai rakan-rakan maya!

selamat ketemu kembali..sudah lama rasanya tidak menaip di sini..haha..
as usual la..been so very bz with work..mom and elly coming over last weekend and end up having seriously not expecting chicken pox.big suxxx!!

file..semakin byk..and now have to process housing loan plak kan..mcm giler..new member coming in to RPC replacing Rems. fast leaner and rrrreeaaalllyyy good in english..i call her the new english teacher. she helped me a lot with all the application.first 2 weeks she help me key in..i recommend.. then when she already have id..she started to key in and recommend few application..like i said..shes a fast leaner man..

mom and elly was here over the weekend.
they arrived on thursday nite and bought them to kak nong for dinner
friday..went to work mcm biasa,anta Nico pegi service in the morning.met and send mom and elly to wisma merdeka at lunch..back to the office and started to have fever.. then pick mom and elly and went to kak nong again for dinner..
saturday..left home really early..singgah office to finished up the daily report.then went to 1borneo to do some shopping and discount are like everywhere dude..! end up buying only 1 shirt.but 2 handbegs at suria...! then have dinner at chicken rice shop.and went home.
sunday..have breakfast at fook yuen and went to gaya..then went to buy big apple and mcd for my abg and uyuy.then send mom and elly to the airport and stays there sampai diorg masuk bording room..then went straight home..

the ciken pox.
started having fever since friday after lunch but ignore and telan few panadol.
then on sunday nite.rashes started to coming out on the face.and body..went to doctor and confirm by the doctor and got 3 days mc.wednesday went to check again and got 2 more day off.emm..

and now resting at home doing nothing.so bosan..~ heemmm~

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