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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hi everyone,

there are thing in our life that need your full attention especially things that we do every single day and to people around us, work..study..family..friends.. 

but not everyone pay attention to details for example, if you doing the same work everyday, u can make it more fun, but some people rather complain than change the way they do things and also we can't please everyone around us. 

when you do something new in your life, there is only two things will happen, either it will be supper awesome or it will be the worst thing that ever happen to you. 

but well hey, u never know man, if it turns out bad, you can always learn from your mistake right?? if its a good thing then stick to it.

for me lately i've been running. its a really a good thing to do. got to met new people, and the best part is travelling. with running also i learn that there is no easy way to reach something, but when u do, the satisfaction u will get is so amazingly awesome man! I will be running half marathon for Borneo International Marathon and also Penang Marathon this year! hopefully i reach my goal this year! 

not everyone can do what they want. but when u cant, turn to something else rather than waiting for something that will not happen at all kan?? better take ur mind of it and do something more beneficial. 

i miss everyone in sandakan..schools..utp..and gems people. if i had the chance to turn back time i will always do the same thing that i've done and maybe better.! 

congratulations to all my frens that married last year last two years and just recently.
ask for me, i'm still waiting.

mom and I went to KL for shopping!

went back to sandakan for her befday

and his aqiqah!

.since i have the medium now i might update everyday.

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