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Thursday, July 25, 2013

some things.

well hello my lovely people.. i know its been like what more that a year?
i just wanted to update some few things about me and my life so far..

this year will be my 3rd year here in my company. not much had change beside the new boss that sometime do remind me the old boss (and yes its the nagging and unpredictable part). 

so into RPM rite know because of RPM, the crazy trainer and the crazy riders. i'm so happy that i finally meet the people that dont judge at all and u can be as crazy as you can with them. do whatever thing you wanna do. i just love you guys la..

utp frens, atu, ayu, and ejay married. eija, sarhanah and hajar got engaged, intan got herself a new boyfriend, afiqah, mar, nana, malina, and zarith also married, pinat also will get marry this year and also hajar. cikin- no idea what she doing nowdays. that civilian guy i told u before also married and gonna be a father soon. almost all my utpian frens are married and have at least one child and some also enganged but me a some few other people. 

gems frens, serena finally got to meet KRU and NKOTB live and working at NTV7, Idir, Mimie and few other people are married and also enganged. Mimie btw, living here at KK but I havent meet her up just yet. so close but yet so far away. One of the gemmies also pass away recently due to accident. 

I miss every single person from utp and also gems. they are more close to my heart than my high school friends and i dont even know why.

my family?? mom is busy making kuih raya, dad in johor working, elly land a job at kem tentera as clerk, abang in adtech melaka, and nurul preparing herself for upcoming PMR. oohhh did i mention nadia got enganged?? the engangement took place in sandakan on the 29th June. it was so lovely shocking pink and turqouise was a perfect combination. well i want pink grey for mine. hehe. on the other side, angah continue his study at a college or something in semporna.. dont know what is it. cicam open a keropok lekor stall in sembulan and also giant kolombong.. havent had the chance to go visit the stall yet. conny graduated for her diploma and will continue for her degree this coming september. 

as for myself.. still having problems to finish my fifty shades of grey and the other 2 books. eh 3 books. and still thinking of buying new books. ok mabe i should finish the 4 books first kan. ok.. thats all..

and also i'm getting married in 2 years and we still dont have anything to prepare just yet. 

bye people.thank you for reading random things that been happening in my life recently. 

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