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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Posting made easy.!!

PWell hello you lovely people.!! 
I just discover this app that u can easily post from your phone. So after this i might post more here than my twitter account which already berhabuk bersarang laba-laba.

This post i wrote on a plane that been delayed for like almost 2 freaking hours.!!! Hadoii.!! I just dont know what to do rite now..! Haiya.. 

On the plane that didnt move until they receive signal from kk.. I miss my mom and dad and my siblings already. 

But..... I'm going away again in lest than 10 days. Going to singapore again. Woohoo.!! I need a break since i didnt cuti masa end year so cuti la early the year. Ok. Thats all i guss for today.! Enjoy the picture i took while i'm in sandakan.! 
              This super delicious ok.! 

                  I miss them already.!! 

        Made this for mummy.! 

Thank you for your time reading this. Lalalala..!! 

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